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VMT Software Video Rental Software Tour. In this tour we show you the basics of our DVD Rental Software. We cover the most important parts of our Video Software which cover Renting items, inventory, customers, pricing, setup, reports, and our tanning option. For a live view of our program please watch our online movies. VMT Software has been making Video Rental Software since 1989!

Please enjoy the tour.
On Line Reservation System
Now your Video Store can have that On-Line presence you always wanted!

Put your inventory On-Line so your customers can see what you have.

Video Viewer
- As an example: Some of our Customers Site's. Click Here

The viewer works great as an in-store Kiosk!

Not only can your customers browse your movies on-line, they can browse your movies on your in-store kiosk. Add the trailer feature and your customers will be able to watch trailers to decide which movies they would like to rent. Not only will you rent more new movies but your customers will browse old titles to see which ones they missed.

On Line Reservations!

You can also add the ability for your customers to do On-Line Reservations!

When a customer logs in with their email and password they will be able to reserve the movies they want. When they submit their request a button on the POS screen will alert you that you have a reservation request.

You will get the movies off the shelf and confirm the reservation which will send the confirmation to the customer.

If the movies are not picked up by a certain time Video Shoppe will flash a button telling you you have movies to put back!

We have Two Examples of the Reservation System. The difference is in the graphics look.

Example Movie Reservation System - One - Click Here

Example Movie Reservation System - Two - Click Here
With the Online Movie Viewer from VMT, you can create an App for free using Appsgeyser, so people can download an app to their Android smart-phone and see your movie viewer, movies, descriptions, etc, all from their smartphone

The above app is just a sample with sample video information... So many items may not have a description or trailer.
"I have had great comments from my customers indicating that the movie viewer is incredible.. and that it's better than Blockbuster. They get to see the trailer and can decide if they want to take the movie home."
Nickie Savage
Muskoka Star Entertainment
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