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Put your inventory On-Line so your customers can see what you have.

You can compete with big companies! Your customers can reserve movies on line using our On-Line Reservation system.


* Allow your customers to browse your movies from the comfort of their home or phone.
* Let them watch trailers to see what movies they would like to rent from you, increases rentals.
* Increase customer loyalty
* Use as a in store Kiosk system!
* No customer data is stored on the internet.

* Must be by hosted VMT!  
on line Rental system
"I have had great comments from my customers indicating that the movie viewer is incredible.. and that it's better than Blockbuster. They get to see the trailer and can decide if they want to take the movie home."
Nickie Savage
Muskoka Star Entertainment
Not only can your customers browse your movies on-line, they can browse your movies on your in-store kiosk. Add the trailer feature and your customers will be able to watch trailers to decide which movies they would like to rent. Not only will you rent more new movies but your customers will browse old titles to see which ones they missed.

Reserve System - Adds these features

* Customers can reserve movies from your website.
* You can text or email reserve confirmation.
* Video Shoppe will notify you when to put movies back if they are not picked up.
* The only customer data stored on the internet is an email address used for sign in.

When a customer logs in with their email and password they will be able to reserve the movies they want.

When they submit their request a button on the POS screen will alert you that you have a reservation request.

You will get the movies off the shelf and confirm the reservation which will send the confirmation to the customer.

If the movies are not picked up by a certain time Video Shoppe will flash a button telling you you have movies to put back!

We have Two Examples of the VMT On Line Reservation System. The difference is in the graphics look.

Click on one of the Example Buttons on the left to see the real thing!

We have included 3 customer sites for you to look at.

Two are using the Movie Viewer and one is using the reservation system. The two customers with the movie viewer plan to upgrade to reservations but it's not necessary.

Sites can be modified to have a custom look just for your store.

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