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There is a scheduling system so you can schedule certain promotions or advertisements to run on certain days of the week, certain times during those days, a date range, or a combination. You simply create a list of the items you want to play in a certain order. You can play a flash file (animation), a text display, or both, depending on the configuration. In spite of its flexibility, it is a snap to setup, and of course, we'll help you every step of the way.
Click Here for the Movie!
Check out this video... this shows the VRD in action. There are various configurations, and a scheduling system. Plus, it can run on your local area network, one VRD for each workstation.
List of Display Items... Only Items Checked will Display
Below are different configurations of the Video Register Displays:
Here you can have the register (on the left), the SWF Animations (Top Right), and the Text Display (Bottom Right) all on one screen.
If you don't want or need the register display, you can have just your SWF Animation and your Text display.
Here is a screen with your register and just a text display. That way you don't have to worry about creating SWF Animations. However, we can create a custom animation for your business for you.
NEW: You can now use jpg pictures for the Video Register Display... so you don't need us to create SWF for you.
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