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Graphs for Video Shoppe

We are always adding graphs to Video Shoppe. Below are just a few.
Here is a graph from the Daily Cash File. The money in is split into six main categories: Money paid on account, sales, tanning, taxes, rentals, and late charges.
This is a graph that shows Dated Income by Item Type. You can select any date range, and you can choose to view the amounts for each type, quantities, or both. Category Graph
The next 3 graphs come from the customers history. Once you've selected the customer for rental, you can press the F8 key to see their history. Click on the graph icon and these graphs show up. Use the following information to up-sell new releases to your customers.
This graph is available from customer history (F8 at POS Screen 2). The red bars are late charges. This is Quantities by Item type. Notice here this customer gets many new releases. Type Quantity Graph
This information also comes from the customers history. This shows money spent on each item type. Type Amounts Graph
Again, from the customers history, you can see that this customer likes renting comedies, then family movies, then action movies, etc. Know what your customers like and you can better recommend new releases to them. Class Quantity Graph
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