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As well as being easy to use, tracking all kinds of information in the history files, and being very dependable, here are some special features worth mentioning that many video store owners are interested in. (This of course is not the complete list.. Check out our General Specifications list and Fantastic Features.
Gift Cards: We can supply you with gift cards that have your custom artwork (logo, name of store, etc), and on the back a QR code (optional) to link to a page on your website. Gift cards cost around a buck a piece, and are re-usable. When the customer is done, you simply keep it and recycle it. This is a closed system so no internet is required, there are no extra fee's, and it is very secure.

NEW: Digital Signs. Advertise to the customers that walk into your store.

NEW: Leditor. Leditor is an HTML or Text editor that lets you query customers, create email lists, and send emails to those lists using mail merge.

NEW: Email Invoices! Now you can (with your customers permission) automatically email each invoice to your customer. You can design your own email with our new Leditor, Email Letter Editor, in either HTML or Text.

New (Click here): Warehouse/multi-store Program.

New (Click Here): Tanning Appointment Calendar.

Here is an RSS Feed Created with our Inventory Utility. Imagine allowing your customers to view new releases from their Yahoo, Google home pages, or just click on an Icon on their web browser. Click Here to subscribe to our feed to see how it could work for you!

Employee Scheduler. This allows you to create and view employee work schedules by the day, week, and month. You can drag and drop schedules with the mouse. You can also automatically create schedules for weeks from today. (There is also an employee time clock.)

Subscription Pricing. This feature allows you to sell different kinds of memberships to customers so they may keep a certain number of movies out at a time. For instance: I can make a membership that works for 30 days that allows my customers to keep 2 (for instance) regular (or all types) of movies out with no late charges. Once the subscription membership is over, the program will start charging late charges, unless they re-subscribe. If they rent more than 2, standard pricing and late charges apply to those movies. The 2 movies they get under the membership are not charged. This works the same as the 2 big competitors to independent video stores. (We won't mention them here.)

Security. Video Shoppe offers 97 secure areas. Security areas are categorized so they are easy to find. All security is setup in one location. You can have levels 1 through 9 for each area of security. The settings that come with the program assume a clerk at a level 5, a manager at a level 7, and of course the owner at a level 9. You cannot change the security levels of the security level area or the password area because it takes a level 9 to access those area's. To give you an idea, there are 5 levels of security in the customer screen. You can set different security levels to Edit customer financial information, change the customer status field, edit customer membership fields, edit free movies coming, or view/change customers credit card information.

History. Video Shoppe tracks 2 kinds of history, customer/inventory history, and cash history. The customer/inventory history will track who bought or rented what, when, when they returned it, what clerk rented and returned it, late charges on that item, type of transaction, and more. There are dozens of ways to look at this history with reports or looking at it from the customer or inventory point of view. You can keep history for as long as you want. There is a utility to purge it, but it is recommended to keep it forever. There is also the cash history which is consolidated down to one record per day. This history simply records the type of transaction and the amounts. Even after you close or purge at the end of a day, you can keep detailed transaction history for as many days as you choose so you can look back on the details.

Colors and Sounds. No program is complete without looking good, and sounding good. There are color styles so you can choose the color scheme you like. And there is even a styler to create your own color scheme. There are 5 sound themes. Sound themes guide you and your clerks through transactions. Instead of beeps and clicks, we have actual sound files that speak, like "Transaction Completed", "Returned OK", etc. Using the sounds, you and your clerks will know what happened. We have found that video stores that use the sounds have less problems than those that choose to turn them off. And of course you can make your own sound themes.

Import/Export. Video Deluxe has the capability of exporting your data to ASCII, DBase, Excel, XML, and HTML (for web pages). It will actually create web pages of your selected inventory so you can publish your inventory to a web site. There is also the capability of copying selected inventory, putting it on a disk (or memory stick), or email for transporting, then importing your inventory into a satellite store. This is great if you have a master list where you originally enter your inventory, or you can move inventory information (like you would the physical inventory), from any store to any store. (New, you can export your cash files, and import them at home so you can get reports).

Update Links are available from within Video Shoppe so you can always view the latest features to your Video Rental Software.
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