Main Menu Screen of Video Deluxe.

The most used options, like the Rental Screen are available by clicking on one button.

The $ button is the Rental Screen.
The DVD button is for Rental Inventory.
The people button is for customers.
The face is for changing the clerk.
The printer goes to standard reports.

We have over 125 reports done at this time. All reports have previews and allow you to select the dates when needed. Other less used options, like Company Setup,  are available from the drop down menus. Please start the tour of screens by clicking on one of the buttons to the left.

How to operate the slide show: Click the buttons on the left side of the screen to choose an area (set of screens) of the program to view. Once you are looking at a set of screens, click next to go forward, or back to go backward. You may click on the small screens (thumbnails) to view the full screen shot in greater detail. (Then click the close button).

IMPORTANT: When Viewing the full screen in Explorer, your Internet Explorer may be setup to NOT show you the full screen. When you are highlighted on the picture of the full screen shot, a small button will show up so you can expand to see the actual full screen shot. You can adjust Explorer to always show the full screen by clicking on Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, scroll down to Multimedia, and click OFF Enable Automatic Image Resizing.

Note: It's not really that hard... give it a try!

To exit the slideshow, click on the Exit Slideshow button on the left.

VMT Software Video Rental Software Tour. In this tour we show you the basics of our DVD Rental Software. We cover the most important parts of our Video Software which cover Renting items, inventory, customers, pricing, setup, reports, and our tanning option. For a live view of our program please watch our online movies. VMT Software has been making Video Rental Software since 1989!

Please enjoy the tour.

Video Rental Software Main Screen
Video Rental Software
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Video Rental Software
Video Rental Software - Video Shoppe
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