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Newsletter #8


Well, we've been pretty busy here at VMT adding all sorts of new fangled features in the program to help you make some more money. But before I tell you about these new features, I just want to talk about Email marketing for a minute.

We've been doing kind of an informal survey on the phone when we talk to folks. We've been asking if they've been doing any marketing for their store. Answers varied from "We've put a sign in our window" to "I collect as many customers email addresses as I can, and send them all an email each week."

We can't help you with the sign, but we can sure help you with the letters and Email part of your marketing efforts. People using email marketing have reported very good results and an increase in their revenue!

I've had some stores tell me that they do not have internet at their store. But, they have internet at home (as most people do these days). With our software it is easy to take your data home with you, restore it, and run reports or send emails from your home computer. You can get what we call a "Back Office Copy" for $50 so you have a separate license to run it from home (not from another business).

So just because you don't have an internet connection at work doesn't mean you shouldn't get your customers email address... start collecting them now. Tell your customers you will be offering them a free movie occasionally, or some sort of bonus, but get their email address. It is the cheapest marketing available (besides putting a sign in the window)!

I had a customer ask us how to compete with RedBox. I've been doing some thinking and asking questions about this. I've watched people in our Albertsons store waiting in line to get a $1.00 movie from a machine. I kept thinking how impersonal it was.

So Don went down and rented at Redbox to see how it worked. He rented a movie. Then when he got home, he got a receipt for the movie in his email. When he returned the movie, he got a receipt again in his email. Later on he got some offers for a free movie and information about new releases soon to be available.

Pretty slick stuff. The machine is using Email for marketing. (By the way, Email receipts will be coming soon with our software.)

Our goal is to give you the tools to compete with RedBox, Netflix, Blockbuster, and anyone else. But, there is one thing you have to do... use the tools!

What is the one thing in common that the above competitors are doing? They are all doing Email marketing! So get in there and get your piece of the pie!

Touch Screen

The latest feature we've added is Touch Screen. This gives you an opportunity to put a kiosk on your floor and perhaps gain some real estate. If you have an adult section you could put the movies on the kiosk instead of using up an entire room. Or if you need more floor space for your new releases, you could take a bunch of old movies off of the floor. Then assign those movies to be listed on the kiosk. Perhaps you could clear off enough floor space to add pizza or tanning or some other enticement to get your customers in the door!

It's simple. We want you to be successful! The more marketing (and advertising) you do, the more successful you'll be. And if you are doing well, you'll want more tools from us, and yes, that will make us successful as well!

If you don't have our software yet, or have an old version, give us a call so we can get you running on the latest and greatest right away.

If you want or have some idea's, give us a call. We will be happy to discuss them with you.

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