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Newsletter #5

I was thinking about Netflix and Video on Demand the other day, and trying to figure out how video stores can compete with them.

So I started thinking about what I personally think about Netflix and VOD, and why I personally don't subscribe to either. And the answer was simple. I know why I don't subscribe, and why I'd rather go down and rent a video at the video store! If this is how I feel or think, there may be other people that think the same way! (or, I could just be nuts and nobody thinks like me at all!)

Netflix is easy. I am too impatient. When I want to watch a movie (or my wife wants to watch a movie), we want to watch it now. To wait for a movie (that I may not even get) is beyond my level of patience. And if it's too slow for me, then it's too slow for plenty of other people.

So why not use that in your marketing?

" Why wait for a movie in the mail when you can have it today? " or

" We'll deliver the movie you want, right now. Come on by today! "

Just throwing things out there... you can use the negatives of the competition to show the positives of doing business with you!

How about VOD. Well, as far as I can tell, VOD will be similar in pricing to pay per view (PPV). That means I get this great big bill at the end of the month. For some people, that's no big deal (I guess). For me, I'd much rather spend $3 at a time out of my cash. And I'm sure there must be some ways to capitalize on that problem.

Then there's the problem of people purchasing movies instead of renting them. Well, for me and my business partner Don, we both agree that it's a fad. As time goes on, people will wake up and realize they don't watch 10% of their movie collection that they've spent $1000, $2000, or more.

I've got a couple of movies I bought for my wife that she loves to watch, and they've never even been opened! Why? Because she'll catch it on TV as a repeat. She'll even watch the movie sometimes with commercials! We watched Red October for the umpteenth time the other day... with commercials! That's a big reason I don't even buy even the super duper movies.

So, point that out to your customers. Ask them how big their collection is? If they purchase 52 new releases a year they spent around $1000.00. To see the same movies by renting them from your store (at $3), they can save at least $800.00.

" Save up to $800.00 a year by renting movies at our store! "

Put that on your front window or your newspaper ad and see how many people ask about that! Then explain it to them, sign them up, get their Email address, send them a weekly offer or newsletter in the mail or the Email, etc.

How much would they save by renting regular movies versus the $5 movie bin at Wal-Mart?

" Save over 60% by renting our Classic Movies! "

Granted, these aren't the greatest headlines in the world. But you know your business. Maybe I've given you some idea's to help you compete against the so called " Video Store Killers ".

Video Stores can survive, it's just a matter of learning some new skills, working hard, and of course, Great Software!    :)

Have a great week!

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