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Newsletter #2

As software developers for the Video Rental Industry, we notice new trends in the industry. For instance, when package pricing (like 5 for 5 for $5) became popular, we had to add it to our software immediately. We couldn't sit on our laurels ( To rely on one's past achievements instead of working to maintain or advance one's status or reputation) because our customers needed the feature, and our competition would have it soon.

Long gone are the days of sitting around hoping your customers are going to walk through the door. You must be pro-active to get new customers, and to keep your current customers.

Have you ever been to the big discount stores and they have big bins of DVD movies at $5 a pop. There are always a bunch of people looking through them, and they sell quite a few DVD's that way.

So you've seen the discount store do it, do you have this 'feature' in your store? Why not give your customers the opportunity to purchase from you instead of x-mart? Make your used DVD's $5 or 3 for $12. With the sales package feature in the software, you can set it up easy enough.

And what about sale items besides video related items. If you have room, add something to your store that your customers will have one more reason to shop at your store instead of the competition!

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