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Digital Signage: It's all around us [Infographic] compliments of
Please Remember, you can design this screen to fit YOUR needs and design!

Do your customers know what all your New Release movies are this week?

Do your customers know what kind of specials you have?

How would you like to have your own electronic sales tool working for you all day long?
It's called a digital sign. A digital sign is merely a high resolution monitor that displays ads and promotions using text, pictures and video.

Some of the reasons to employ a digital sign:

Promote your specials (5 for 5, rent 2 get 1 free, etc)...

Promote specific movies for sale...

Promote anything you can think of...

Advertise to a captured audience (those in your store)!
Why have your POS computer just do only one thing? Because you already have a computer, you already have most of the hardware.

The expensive systems can be in the millions. And why do companies spend millions? Because digital signs work. They can convey many messages that can be changed at will.

Check out our sample of what you can do at:

VMT Software is now providing a software/service package to help you get started with a digital sign.

We will provide the software to run your ads and help you set up the software. We will customize the player to display all your New Release movies every week and show you how to add and change your new releases easily. VMT will provide you with two standard ads for specials like rent 2 new and 1 reg free, or 5 movies for 5 days at a given price.

We can create special ads for your store. Just let us know what you need.

Check out our new web site:

Check out our new web site:

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