Software and Data conversion.

Changing software can seem like a huge deal, and it is! It must be done with thought and care so you lose as little data and time as possible.

On this page we will try to explain the conversion process, however, if you call us, we can explain it in more detail specifically for your situation.

Many people hold off on purchasing new software and getting their data converted. The problem with that of course is the older your computer gets, and the older the software, there will be less and less of a chance you will get the data (your inventory and customer information).

In this economy, more and more people are holding off, so we've seen an increase in sales to stores that have had their computers crash, or worse.

Don't wait until this happens to you!
Although it's pretty unlikely your computer will actually blow up, you get the picture. Waiting until disaster strikes is not a good idea. You must be on our site because you either want to get a more 21st century program, or your computer is about to quit on you. But either way, your data is important.

Data conversions usually take about 1 day (or less). It goes much faster if we plan it right, slower if we can't get in contact with you on the phone during the conversion.

Here is the way data conversions usually happen.

Generally we convert your customer and inventory files. Every program has different ways of storing their history, invoices, etc. Usually you won't want that data because you want your reports to be very accurate from whatever date you start using the new software. The best thing to do is get the reports up to including the date you quit using your old software, and print them out.

In order to not lose track of what is rented out, assuming your old program still runs, you can start renting with the new software, and do returns on the old software. After a couple of weeks most of your rentals will have been returned. At that point you can print out a list and/or rent those items to those customers in our software. This is another reason not to wait until you have no way to get your data.

We have literally done hundreds of conversions. There's a pretty good chance we can convert your data. However there were software companies that didn't believe that you should have access to your data, and they encrypted it. The idea was really to hold you hostage so you wouldn't switch to another software program.

And it worked! Today there are thousands of businesses that won't update to modern software because they are what we call "data hostages."

And don't worry if it's an old DOS program. Data is data, and if we can get it off of your hard drive, we can probably convert it. And if not, we can have you run reports. We have a program we'll give you that can divert the report from the printer to a file on your hard drive. So whatever is in those reports, we can get the data from them.

But the only way we'll know, is if you call us so we can talk to you about it.

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