Turnkey Video Rental Software System

All In One Video System,

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Turnkey Video Rental System
The monitor shown above is actually a touch screen computer (not the model you would get).

Everything sits in less than a 24 inch square area. The carousel unit that holds up to 150 DVD's fits underneath. This is great for convenience stores, or any very small video system. Great for rackers.
This system can sit on your counter, table, or desktop.

Optional: Facing the computer is your second monitor which is busy displaying promotions to your customers.

We have the Medite Stand custom made for you by our professional cabinet maker. (optional)
The touch screen system below can be used by any video rental store.

What comes with this system?

ELO Touch screen computer w/4 gig ram.
Dual Core processor
250 GB Hard Drive
15" Touch screen
Win 7
3 year manufacturer warrantee.
Receipt Printer for DVD  Rental Software
Star TSP143 invoice printer with auto cutter. Thermal, uses no ribbons or ink!
Pole Display for Video Store Software
When used as a kiosk you get our Video Deluxe package made for this system. Complete touch screen and credit card only, no need for a cash drawer or cash! Uses our credit card processor, X-Charge)

You get your choice of 100 DVD's from VPD (video Products Distributors).

This is a turnkey system if used as a kiosk system.

Call for prices - 1-800-457-7818.

Specs on computers change all the time.....

So call for latest information.

Honeywell 1300g linear image scanner. The power of a laser scanner with no moving parts!
5 Manufacturer warrantee.
DVD Carousel for Video Store Rental Software
(optional) Carousel, holds up to 150 DVD's.

Kiosk Touchscreen System

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