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After almost a year in the making, VMT Software is excited to launch version 9.1.

* Better Screen Control and display.

* More sales specials. (For instance... Sell 2 items and get 1 sales item free)

* You can now scan or type in number to apply super specials using an inventory ID. That way you can automatically track how many of that special you've applied, because it is now an inventory item and recorded in history. You don't have to use F2, although you still can.

* Ability to relate items that sell in cartons or single units. The system lets you receive a case of items, and when you receive the case, it will allow you to post the quantities to the individual items automatically. The reverse can be true as well, the system will tell you to order cases when your individual items run out.

* Debit card payment type for use with our x-charge credit card interface.

* Automatic entry into suggested reorder list when minimum quantity is reached (Cases and individual items can be cross referenced and updated).

* New features in receive inventory.

* There is now a receive log report available in the report manager, so you can edit it to suit your needs, or just use it as is.

* New touch screen lookup button options for use with sales items lets you select by the images of the item.

* Ability to set default payment type in the Company Form.

* Improved graphics in first POS screen for options.

* Installed Excel Import/Export templates for implementation in 9.1.

* If you have 9.0.34 you saw the new End of Day interface in 9.1.

* New easier to navigate and use interface for POS screen 1.

* Interface to carousel for dispensing movies (Holds 150 movies (per carousel), for small stores.)

* Invoice Report from Cash History

* Added a sort by location in the inventory browse so you can see your titles in location order.

* New Bar code label for Zebra LP 2824 (Has store name, ID#, title, rent price)

* Touch buttons (for bringing up various screens for touch or mouse use) are now optional and hidden if you don't want them.

* Payment Type selection screen no longer requires you click on finish, just click or press the payment type.

* Company Setup has been redesigned for ease of use.

* The Video Pole Display can be run automatically from within our software. The Video Pole Display (VPD) is software that displays a register (customer transaction information) to the customer, and at the same time can advertise for you with text, pictures, or flash files on your second screen. The VPD itself is $150.

* New Sales Inventory History graph to view how an item is selling without having to read a bunch of numbers.

* Import your cash data from an XML file that you export when you reconcile. This would work good if you had multiple stores, or if you had our home copy of our software at your house, you could just import the cash file each night.

* Several areas to export your data to XML, which can be imported into Excel.

* We now have the capabilities of printing many of the cash reports to a PDF file, and emailing that PDF so you can get daily updates.

Unfortunately the programmer (Ray) tends to forget about the dozens of other fixes and changes and additions that were done while doing the big changes, mostly under the hood stuff to make the program run faster and smoother. There was a lot of work done to make it easier for people with touch screens to use (think kiosks on the floor), as well as using touch screens for your point of sale screen, without degrading the screens capabilities of using your keyboard.

Exports and automatic uploads are now available so you can setup an inventory on your web site so customers can browse through your movies, and your program keeps the movies online in sync with what has been rented and returned.

Graphs / Bar Charts / Pie Charts.. are a great way to view your data and have it make sense to you without having to read a bunch of numbers. They are also a great way to make good decisions about what items to keep and what items to sell, or not re-order. Video Shoppe has several graphs in convenient areas of the program, like the new graphs in the suggested reorder list, or customer history.

We will quote you the cost for the upgrade which will depend on what version you have now.

Adding to your Store

Had a nice conversion with one of our customers recently who had added several sales items to her store. The one she credits to saving her business is coffee! She has also adding items that complement the coffee. When you add items to your store it's important to add items that will complement each other.

Credit Card Processing

Do you do credit cards at your store?
With less people carrying cash having credit/debit card processing can increase your business.
Use our processor and you can charge late fees to the customers card or sell them the movie if it's really late.

Touch Screen

We have been testing an refining our touch screen interface. So if you want to use a touch screen we can process the entire sales/rental process with a touch screen. We are now selling a very nice all-in-one touch screen computer system for $1245.00.

Digital Signs and Video Pole Display

When ever you go to the bigger box stores, and some of the smaller stores you will see digital signs and video pole displays.


It's pretty simple, they make the companies more money. Moving advertisements work better then then a posters and signs. Companies like Walmart do not invest in technologies that don't make them money!

Video Register Movie

Digital Sign Movie

Watch the movies and see how this can work for you.

On-Line Movie Viewer

Want your customers to see what you have in inventory? Check out the VMT Movie Viewer.

Video Shoppe Deluxe is one of the few Point of Sale programs in the Video Rental industry that still does regular upgrades of it's software! We are always working on improving the product so it will help you make more money.

VMT is now selling computers

That's right, we finally found a company with commercial grade touch screen (all in one) computers, Cash Drawers, and receipt printers. We have this equipment in our office and have tested it thoroughly. We sold our first computer network to a local customer, and we are going to be installing everything ourselves, so we will know exactly what needs to be done. The touch screens are part of the computer, so there is no extra box. They just sit on the counter or on top of the cash drawer.

A note about updates Video Shoppe upgrades.

Once you upgrade to 9.1 updates are available free (if you have an internet connection) until 9.2 comes out! So if you upgrade to 9.1.01 you can update to 9.1.02, 9.1.03, 9.1.99, etc free!

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