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Our professional quality DVD video rental store software for DVD rental stores is available from VMT Software, in business for over 22 years. Our DVD rental software is an excellent Point of Sale program capable of selling or renting almost anything in your store. Our DVD Rental program is written using state-of-the-art tools to bring you the stability and security for you, and your customers. DVD rental software that you enjoy using, and support that is second to none is our goal at VMT Software!
Our first rental software program was introduced in 1989. We started on Video Shoppe for Windows in 1997, and released the first commercial Windows DVD rental software in July of 2000. Dedicated to the DVD video rental industry, unlike many other companies VMT Software is always enhancing it's product. Call us during business hours we answer our phone and will be glad to help you with your software needs.
"We ran a custom DOS rental program for 12 years. We were very nervous about switching software, but your program was very easy for everyone to learn. It gives us the reports we never had about people that owed us money. We are very happy we switched and just love the program." -

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Our DVD rental software is made to keep track of your in-store DVD rentals, sales items, tanning sessions and beds, subscriptions memberships, customers, and your income.

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take a tour of Video Shoppe, learn about our history, our support policies, and much, much more. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at:
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Xcharge processing for your video rental store
VMT uses X-Charge to process our Credit Cards and interface our DVD rental software with X-Charge.

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( We are now running on Godaddy! )
VMT Software
127 Oak St., Suite A
P.O. Box 618
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SALES: 1-800-457-7818

Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Please call our tech support line for after hours help.
Our DVD video rental software is a real windows based point of sale system with will sell almost anything in your store. No need for a separate point of sale program, our program can sell candy, popcorn, soda, novelty items, and more! We have tanning as an add-on feature for a rental stores that do tanning. So you can use a point of sale to sell anything, rent a video, and sell a tan in one transaction. DVD Rental Software, is our main business, and has been since 1989.

Our Windows DVD Rental Software is available to purchase from $295.00 to $1895.00 and is available in three versions to better suit the needs of your store. You can also get our DVD rental software by subscription starting as low as $195.00. Make sure you look at your options for purchase or subscription.

Video Shoppe Deluxe for Windows is a real Windows DVD rental program, not a dressed up DOS program.

Features like report writers, web publishing, photo ID, PIN pad interface, backup, and bar chart reports are included with the full version of Video Deluxe.  Many of these features can be purchased separately for Video Shoppe. DVD rental software by VMT is your best value. DVD Rentals can be done with a mouse, or WITHOUT the mouse, you can even use a touch screen to do transactions! Using the keyboard just press ENTER to move forward and Escape to back up.

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Some Important points should be considered  when researching DVD Rental Programs. One point that is important to most is cost. I did not say price because there is a difference between cost and price. You can purchase a DVD Rental Program at a very low price. But the cost of that software could be very high when you factor support, cost of upgrades, and features that are not there or don't work. Make sure you consider cost of software and not the price.

Our DVD rental program has new options added every month as our customers provide input on what features they need.

A lot of DVD rental programs have become what we refer to as dead software. They are no longer updated to meet the requirements of today's DVD rental market. Make sure the program you purchase is still being updated with new features to meet today's needs at your store.

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Does your current DVD Rental Software company provide little or no support?
Do you want a DVD Rental Software that runs and runs, and just does it's job, so you don't have to think about it?
Are you still using an old program on an old DOS computer, and you're not sure when it's just going to quit?
Are you running your Video Store on paper? You could be losing 16 to 21 percent of your possible income!
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After 30 years and 1000's of programs sold we are no longer selling Video Software.

Since the down turn in the video industry we have put our focus on creating a fantastic software for use in repair shops.

We have done very well with Motorcycle, Auto, Diesel Truck, Marine, RV, OPE and dozens of other types of repair shops.

If you are in need of Repair Order Software for you repair shop.

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