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VMT Software has been providing professional quality rental store software for video rental stores for over 23 years. Video Shoppe is also an excellent POS ( Point of Sale ) program for your store. We use state-of-the-art tools to bring you a Rental program that has stability and security for you, your clerks and your customers. Our goal is to give you a program that you enjoy using, and support that is second to none! Using our program you can create a complete video rental system.
Video Shoppe is a program that has a great reputation as a solid program. Video Shoppe for DOS was released in 1989. We started building Video Shoppe for Windows in 1997, and released the first commercial Windows video rental application in July of 2000. Unlike many other companies, VMT Software is dedicated to the video rental industry.
"Customers love the internet movie viewer with movie trailers. Our Video Deluxe Software is doing great, we are moving to a bigger location next month after only 8 months in business!. -  Nicole, Muskoka Star Entertainment, Huntsville, ON

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DVD Rental Software for VMT
Video Shoppe is quality DVD video rental store management software made to keep track of your in-store video rentals, sales, tanning, subscriptions, inventory, customers, and your income. VMT Software has worked for over 23 years to bring you the finest video rental software available for your store.

Please, take your time and look around. (Please note the navigation buttons on the left of the page!) From here you may
take a tour of Video Shoppe, learn about our history, our support policies, and much, much more. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at:
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We use:
Xcharge processing for your video rental store
To process our Credit Cards!

Click here for more information on processing credit cards.

( We are now running on Godaddy! )
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VMT writes video store rental management applications. Our DVD video rental application is a real windows point of sale system as well. We also have tanning available as an add-on for a store that does tanning. So you can use our point of sale in your store to sell anything, rent a video, and sell a tan in one transaction. Video rental software, is our main business, and has been since 1989.

Windows based DVD Rental Software by VMT is easy to use and affordable. Our Windows Video Store Rental Software varies in price from $295.00 to $1895.00 and is available in three versions to better suit your needs at your store. Our DVD rental application is available by subscription as another option to give you quality software at a reasonable cost. Video Shoppe Deluxe for Windows is a real Windows POS system, not a dressed up DOS program.

New features like report writers, web publishing, photo ID, PIN pad interface, backup, and bar chart reports are included with the full version of Video Deluxe.  Video Store Rental Software by VMT is your best value and the EASIEST to use. DVD Rentals can be done with or WITHOUT the mouse, you can even use a touch screen! No shortcut keys to memorize, just press ENTER to move forward and Escape to back up. When you are looking for Video Rental Software for your Video Store, check out Video Shoppe Deluxe for Windows.

Questions? Email:

Some Important issues should be looked at when shopping for DVD Rental Programs to use in your store. One issue that is important to most is cost. I did not say price because there is a difference between cost and price. You can buy a Video Rental Program at a very low price. But the cost of that software could be very high when you factor support, cost of upgrades, and features that are not there or do not work. Make sure you consider cost of software and not the price when you looking for quality pos rental software for your video store.

Our DVD rental program has new options added every month as our customers provide input on what features they need. Most DVD rental programs have become what we refer to as dead software. They are no longer updated to meet the requirements of today's DVD rental market. Before you buy be sure the program you purchase is still being updated with new features to meet needs of today at your store.

In the one of the last major upgrades we added options to our DVD rental software for on-line movie viewing and reservation system as an optional program to give our DVD rental stores an on-line presence. Now you can put your rental store inventory on line where your customers can see what you offer!

We also added a great Gift Card system that can be used by our video rental stores to sell to their customers generating customer loyalty and get them back into their store to rent more of their DVD movies. We added this as a standard option for all versions of our software.

Innovation in DVD rental software for your video store, that is what VMT Software is all about.

Copyright 1989-2013 VMT Software

VMT - Makers of Quality Video Rental Software

Screen Tour
Operational Videos
Video Rental Software POS Screen
Changing Video Rental Software
Train new clerks in 5 minutes.
State of the art programming.
Rentrak approved for DVD rental stores.
Quickly and positively ID customers with photo's, PIN's, or both.
150 reports including 2 report writers.
Keyboard only, mouse only, touch screen only, or a combination for easy Point of Sale operation.
Quality Performance and Reliability
Since 1989.
XP, Vista, and Windows 7 compatible.
Easy to use Windows DVD rental software.
"I like the way Video Shoppe is laid out, it's easy to access and easy to run."
Showtime Movie Rental, Nucla, CO  - More Testimonials
Our customers are happy!
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Video Shoppe is leaps and bounds above the system we used to use at BlockBuster. It is user friendly, fast to train clerks and does things in two steps that used to take ten with their (Blockbuster) software.

New Wave Video, Brookings, Oregon
Took 3 days to enter my 3800 inventory items. It took me 3 weeks with my last DVD rental software. It was fast and simple!

Little Theatre, Rayville, LA
"Program is great. Both the book, the program and support are easy to follow. I am not nervous about the program at all. It's so easy to understand, it is fun."

St. Andrews Video And More, Murfreesboro, TN
It is great to hear our customers actually call and give us great comments about how easy our software is to use. But even with easy to use software, our software has depth. With over 22 years of development on Video Shoppe, there are things the program does that we have even forgotten about.

The best thing to do is get a demo, call us up, and let us walk you through the program so you can find out first hand what Video Shoppe can do for you and your business.
One of our long time customers, Rick Northrup, let us tape his thoughts on our software.
Video Shoppe Screen Tour
View Movies
Take the screen tour of Video Shoppe ,Shows over 50 screens.


Transaction screens for doing rentals and sales.
Inventory screens for rental and sales items.
Customer screens for searching, adding, and editing.
Specials screens for rental and sales specials.
Reports screens for income, item performance, and more.
Setup screens. options, security
and more.
Watch Videos on Video Shoppe, actual videos of Video Shoppe in use.


POS transactions, how to rent or sell and options.
Returning Movies.
Rental Inventory.
Sales Inventory.
Specials setup and types.
Graphs available.
On Line Movie Viewer and Reservations system.
DVD Rental Software
On Line DVD Rental Software
Modernize your store and compete with bigger stores! Your customers can now view your movies online, watch trailers, and now with our new reservation system, they can reserve them. Click to learn more.

On-Line Movie Viewing System with Trailers CLICK HERE
VMT Now offers Web hosting with 24/7/365 support. Need a website, domain name, and more?

VMT can put your store on line!

We also build custom websites for your business.

Click for more information...
DVD Rental Software Rentrak Compatible
Our software is compatible with Rentrak!

Rentrak PPT system is now the preferred revenue sharing model among independent retailers across North America.

PPT stands for Pay Per Transaction. You buy your movies at a low cost and share the rental revenue with Rentrak.
x-charge credit card software
On another note, in Sept 2012 at your urging and most importantly with your help, we went with X-Charge. That process because of your help was easy, fast and seamless. We are a small, one-store-mom & pop, operation but in a few short months we have generated > $1500.00 in paid late fees. We are not getting rich on that but to us it is like finding money in the street! We are chagrined to think of the $$ we have left on the table over the years by not having this option! It is SO easy to find and charge late fees, thank you for your persistence, emails and urging us to keep up with the times!
Thank you for being a valued resource in the struggle to try to retire before we are 90! J

Leslie, Olson's Video Rental

Are You Losing Thousands of Dollars a Year?

Unpaid late fees, and movies never brought back, does that sound familiar?

PCI Compliance means you can not store credit card numbers in your video software.....

The fines are HUGE!  Our Video Rental program can make you thousands using our processor...
Process late fees and movies that have not been returned without a credit card present using the PCI compliant vault ID!

Our software runs on XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8!

Free Trial

Video Rental Software Trial

If you do decide to purchase Video Shoppe after a live demo you can save 5% on your purchase price!

Let us show you how powerful and how easy Video Shoppe is to use.
Fully Functional DVD rental demo, you can add customers, and inventory.
Run reports, and do rentals and sales.
Run with keyboard, mouse, or touch screen!
Set up specials to try them.
Call for a one on one no obligation walk through after you have the demo installed.

Video Rental Software - Video Shoppe

Quality DVD Rental Software

We accept all major credit cards for purchasing our DVD rental software:

Dependable DVD Rental Software!

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Are you running your store on paper and losing 16 to 21 percent of your income?
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